Workplace Occupancy Sensor Technology

The world's most advanced work-point sensor

Packed full of technology, the Desk Occupancy Sensor is poised to support workplace data collection and transmission for years to come. Eight unique sensor and communication technologies are neatly fitted into the Australian designed poly-carbonate housing.

nura space workplace occupany sensor technology
nura space sensor hardware expanded view

Australian made

Designed and made in Australia, the Desk Booking Sensor is produced in durable poly-carbonate plastic and available in two colours, Silk Grey and Black.

LCD screen

A multi-colour LCD is included in every Booking Sensor as an effective communications tool at the work-point.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a decibel reader, a temperature gauge and an accelerometer are all standard features in the Desk Booking Sensor.


A removable PIR shield allows the installation team to adjust the field of sight depending on work-point configuration. Inherent flexibility supports retrofitting to existing work-points or even temporary installation in pilot programs.

Independent infrastructure

The Nura Space infrastructure network is simple, quick and easy to install, and best of all requires very little to no input from your IT support team. Energy efficient Desk Booking Sensors only require a single power outlet for up to 40 sensors. Live data is supported by pushing small 128bit packets through the users phone or the Base Station.

Firmware update and out of hours data solely utilises the Base Station, which connects through the 4G network to the Nura Space Cloud, and can support up to 1000 sensors. A high quality security architecture model has been tried and tested to ensure best practice physical and digital security for data in transit or storage.

nura space infrastructure
Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

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