Easily reserve a workspace with desk booking

Highly intuitive and simple to use, our Desk Booking feature is designed for the new way of working.


A flexible workforce needs flexible tech

Make life easier for your employees, contractors and freelancers with our Desk Booking feature. Simply locate, reserve and check-in via a QR code, with everything managed using our app or web portal.


The perfect solution for a
hybrid workforce

Working together with our smart Desk Occupancy Sensor, you can manage all your work-point needs in one convenient place.

Live floor plan

A live floor plan view allows users to find and reserve available work points and navigate to their booked desk.

Fast deployment

Floor plans can be prepared for use in Nura Space in no time, and resources set-up individually or via bulk upload.


Simple and intuitive, the Nura Space desk nodes are either Red (booked), Green (available), Blue (checked-in) or Grey (unavailable).

Total flexibility

Map desks directly onto your floor plan via the admin portal for full control and flexibility over your workspace.

Search filters

Create tags when inputting desks to allow users to search; dual screen, height adjustable, standing, window, quite, etc.

Live data

Understand how your workspaces are being utilised with access to real-time data.


What our customers say about Nura Space

At Schiavello we have transitioned to a hybrid working environment, and understanding who is in the office, and at what times, has been a challenge. With Nura Space, our employees have a high level of visibility that only a powerful workplace technology platform can provide.

Our employees can very easily, identify who is in the office and where they are seated, easing the pathway to collaboration and utilisation.

Our hybrid work environment relies on technology to maximising opportunities and Nura Space is out performing our expectations.”

Brock Pettigrove, Technical Coordinator

For improved employee experience

With the Desk Booking feature your people have the flexibility and freedom to create their own ideal work set-up.

World class design

Huge library of components

Save hours from development