Work-point Reservations

Book anywhere, anytime

Nura Space is a Unified Working Platform (UWP) that allows its users to reserve or book just-in-time work-points within their assigned zone, neighbourhood, floor or building.

types of desk booking options nura space app screens

Synergise the physical and digital

Working in coherence with the Desk Booking Sensor, the user experience runs from the smart phone to the desk intuitively. Arriving at the desk the user is greeted by their name and corresponding booking colour, ‘check-in’ to the desk and complete your reservation.

Desktop booking

Nura Space supports desktop booking through the user’s personal login. A simple and intuitive design, green equals available, red equals unavailable and grey equals out of action, choose a work point that suits you, select it on your floor plan and reserve your desk.

nura space website dashboard live floorplan view
nura space team booking app

Team booking

An advanced feature also includes ‘Team’ booking, which supports team based working (TBW) situations. Varying permissions provide users levels of access inline with their organisations booking rules and parameters.

Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

Enhance employee experience and drive workspace efficiency while evolving with the changing needs of your people and business.

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