Unlocking the potential of smart lockers.
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Unlocking the potential of smart lockers.

In today's digital office, smart lockers present another seamless integration of workplace technology that enhance how employees interact with the office space and support an active workforce.

October 13, 2023

In a modern flexible workplace, enhancing the appeal of coming into the physical office demands more than just a comfortable chair and a desk. It calls for a fresh perspective on office amenities, including state-of-the-art end-of-trip facilities that make the daily commute worthwhile.

One significant aspect of this transformation involves a shift away from the traditional 1:1 desk model toward shared workspaces that offer bookable resources, including lockers.

This shift offers significant benefits for companies seeking to optimise office space in a way that better matches resource availability with resource demand and in return, employees benefit from the added flexibility.

However in the absence of a regular assigned desk, some employers are offering an additional trade off; convenient bookable or even permanently assigned lockers to securely store one’s belongings upon arrival.

Introducing the smart locker; a digital locker solution combining technology and joinery for a convenient storage solution. Smart lockers are fast becoming pivotal components of the modern office, enhancing end-of-trip facilities and helping to offset the disruption caused by the transition from dedicated desks to shared workspaces.

How do Smart Lockers work?

Smart locker systems incorporate hardware and a SaaS platform with an IoT connectivity to book, open, and monitor individual lockers and integrate with other IoT devices and the broader office ecosystem such as building access and active users.

This type of flexible software means organisations can configure rules and settings on how lockers can be booked and used. While facilities teams can manage lockers remotely and analyse booking data for informed decisions and recommendations.

Nura Space and Vecos locker integration

Nura Space is proud to offer smart lockers within their workplace management platform, to provide a truly comprehensive resource booking solution within the one app, seamlessly integrated with the wider Microsoft suite.

We partner with leading smart locker provider, Vecos, integrating their cloud-based SaaS smart lockers with a stable hardwired connection built on Microsoft Azure; meaning lockers are always 'on' and supported by regular software updates and impeccable service.

Rather than an app for this and an app for that, the Nura Space platform provides a single platform for all resource booking; desks, rooms, lockers and now car spaces. Using the live digital floorplan with colour coded availability status, users can remotely locate an available locker from a lockerbank nearest to their desk . They then book from this bank and get assigned a locker number which they can select to open by the time they reach it from the web app, or open it on the spot from the mobile app.

Some clients take it a step further, electing to pair the locker and desk booking into one. Meaning that upon booking their preferred desk, the nearest locker is automatically assigned as part of the same booking.

For added analytics, the Nura Space platform provides a single touchpoint to monitor and measure workplace behaviours, including lockers. With the ability to generate comparative reports for more informed decision making, businesses can access real-time booking data to assess operational needs and maximise efficiency.

The benefits of smart lockers in the workplace

In a bid to cater to the evolving needs of today's workforce, smart lockers are the perfect fit for the digital workplace. These high-tech storage solutions improve the Employee Experience by making secure storage more convenient and accessible in the following ways:

1. Effortless booking and allocation

Smart lockers are the digital locker solution that trump traditional lock-and-key mechanisms on every front. Equipped with digital interfaces and synchronised with mobile bookings apps, they allow employees to book in advance or on the spot direct from their device and end their booking when finished, freeing it up for someone else. They can also open the locker directly from the app, negating the need to remember codes or carry a key or swipe card.

2. Customisable booking policies

Using digitally controlled smart lockers allows companies to configure the booking function in line with their policies.

For instance, they may permanently assign lockers for certain employees on certain days in a shared office scenario, or permanently assign lockers on a 1:1 basis to offer a permanent locker in lieu of a permanent desk. Alternatively, companies may make all or certain lockers bookable on an ad-hoc basis, enabling extended or recurring bookings, for complete freedom and flexibility.

Using Nura Space, admins can easily toggle on/off certain features and configure booking possibilities in line with their locker set up or policy. They can also book lockers on behalf of others, such as newcomers, contractors or visitors.

3. Peace of mind and security

In an office or co-working space where there are more employees than lockers, the ability to remotely find and book a locker prior to arrival offers peace of mind and prevents the disappointment of missing out.

With Nura Space, users can set their locker to unlock by the time they reach it, with push-to-open doors ensuring lockers remain secure and never pop open unattended.

4. Integration with office systems

Smart lockers can be integrated with a company’s current digital ecosystem, becoming yet another bookable resource at their disposal.  Whether it's checking your locker's status on your smartphone or syncing it with your swipe card, these lockers effortlessly slot into the daily routine.

Nura Space integrates with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory so eligible users are automatically updated in the database, plus the inclusion of the same two-factor-authenticated login for a frictionless experience.

Managing lockers in flexible workspaces

In flexible co-working spaces where multiple companies, freelancers and startups share one space, employees may have an increased desire to store their valuables away from their desk. In addition, co-working spaces are increasingly promoting end-of-trip facilities to enhance their appeal and competitive edge.

Chances are they are already using an app to book desks, offices or meeting rooms, so it makes sense to incorporate lockers in this functionality. Users of these spaces who ride to work or hit the gym nearby, can book in advance and be sure they will have a locker when they arrive. Moreover, facilities managers can measure utilisation of lockers to ensure optimisation.

The adoption of smart lockers aligns with the broader trend toward creating agile, adaptable, and technologically advanced workspaces. It allows employees to enjoy the benefits of a shared workspace model without sacrificing the security and convenience of a traditional office setup. As office dynamics continue to evolve, smart lockers are undoubtedly a key element in making the transition as smooth and attractive as possible.

Looking to incorporate smart lockers into your floorplan? Talk to us today.

Nura Space offers the complete solution for resource booking and analytics with hardware and software integrations designed with the employee experience top of mind. Reach out for a chat to lean about the possibilities or book a demo to see the platform in action.


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