Connecting Employees

Awareness of your workplace

Promoting comfort, wellness and functional effectiveness, Nura Space enables employees to create their own workspace experienced based on their diverse needs.

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woman holding phone in hand with nura space application health and safety screen

Safety, wellness and functionality

Employees are able to identify and locate relevant health and safety personnel, first aid rooms and emergency exits, giving them greater control and comfort in the workplace.


Connecting employees to their peers and provide useful digital tools that support physical connection, collaboration and productivity.

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employee holding nura space app booking screen


Employees are able to view available desks and reserve desks in advance. Filter options make it possible to personalise choice and find the right workpoint to suit the type of work being undertaken.

Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

Enhance employee experience and drive workspace efficiency while evolving with the changing needs of your people and business.

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