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Optimising organisations

An admin’s dashboard provides a unique and relevant place to respond quickly to notifications, monitoring of KPI’s and issuing of internal communications.

A selection of dashboards and reports assist in the qualification of workplace utilisation trends, workplace temperature and acoustic comfort validation and the correlation between them. These powerful metrics support real-world usable KPI’s and are goal-driven to align with organisations underlining direction.

imac with nura space dashboard reporting screen
nura space workplace occupancy sensor mounted under desk

Tech that's flexible

A flexible desk booking sensor, able to be deployed quickly and easily. No cut-out’s required or complex cabling, only a power outlet and the front edge of a work surface. Map out the desks directly onto your floor plan via the phone app for full control and flexibility over your workspace.

Live dashboard analytics

A live dashboard allows the administration team to review the workplace assessing and responding as necessary to any situation that arises. A powerful tool providing unique insight to the use of space and behaviours of it’s users.

nura space dashboard analytics imac screen
Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

Enhance employee experience and drive workspace efficiency while evolving with the changing needs of your people and business.

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