Unified Working Platform (UWP)

Get to know what Nura Space and the team can do to support your business objectives and help build employee engagement and connectivity.

Through a series of sessions Nura Space can take business executives, management and users through the journey of implementation, while leaning on years of change management experience.

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Supporting businesses

With consulting services available, Nura Space has the skills and knowledge to take your business through exploration and identification of the benefits and opportunities in using a unified working platform (UWP), and connecting them to organisational goals and objectives.

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nura space app for employees

Connecting employees

Nura Space provides employees control and comfort over their workplace experience. Reservation features ensure that employees can find the right people and spaces, at the right time. With Nura Space, you can be reassured that you can connect and collaborate with your teams when you need to. Nura Space supports holistic effectiveness for your individual and team performance. Nura Space supports holistic wellness for your physical, mental and social health.