woman working at office desk with nura space workplace occupancy sensor and app technology

Collecting and interpreting workplace utilisation and behavioural data is fundamental to a business’s strategy and goals. The Schiavello Group identified a need to automate and improve the data collection process typically undertaken by a consulting team, and as a result invested in the development of a new business idea and technology, Nura Space. This new business venture combines years of workplace consulting, client understanding, product design and manufacturing to provide businesses and end-users with an IoT sensor supported digital platform to improve the workspace experience.

nura space workplace occupany sensor technology
Pictured: Desk Booking Sensor

Reliable and accurate data is critical for making informed business decisions – particularly when it comes to people and spaces. Leaders must ensure that they have a holistic and detailed understanding before they make crucial decisions about their business strategies. And the need for meaningful data to drive business decisions has never been more important than it is now. The global pandemic and dramatic changes to how we live and work have resulted in so much uncertainty about the future of workplaces and ways of working. Gathering relevant information and data about workplaces and how we work will be essential for businesses moving forward. There is little doubt that our ways of working will continue to evolve in the coming months, and even years, directly impacting the workplaces and property portfolios of businesses across the country. Technology based data collection assists organisations with staying up-to-date with how employees are using the workspace. Enabled by AI, the data can then be used to anticipate and plan for future changes in ways of working and workspace needs.

workpoint booking nura space technology

A unified working platform (UWP), Nura Space leverages smart data analytics to drive optimised workspaces of the future. The smart phone app provides users with a comprehensive understanding of their work environments through IoT sensors, advanced technology interfaces and smart data analytics based on behavioural science.

By partnering with Nura Space, businesses can access workspace data in real-time and organisations can have access to more data, more often. Both live and historic data can be accessed through a series of dashboards and reports to quantify workspace utilisation trends, workspace temperature & acoustic comfort validation. To better understand the data collection, Nura Space supports organisations with a team of workplace consultants with backgrounds in behavioural sciences and extensive experience in various data collection methodologies, including detailed analyses and strategic programmes that shape new ways of working. To gain insights into how individuals and teams are working, a typical consulting project could include various employee surveys, focus groups and data studies using the Nura Space technology.

The importance of utilising a digital unified working platform to support day-to-day reactive and proactive behavioural changes can be a defining factor in extracting maximum value from the physical workplace. Whether this be adjusting the duration of a desk booking, socially distancing work points or sending reminders, the effectiveness of the workplace is being benchmarked against the effective speed against change.

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