keti malkoski and anton schiavello founders of nura space

Picture: Anton Schiavello (Founder) and Keti Malkoski (Co-founder).

Data and behavioural science will be the key factors behind a successful and safe return to the office, according to a new Internet of Things company backed by notable local manufacturing outfit Schiavello.

Nura Space founder Anton Schiavello describes his offering as an Australian first-system that uses internet-connected sensors to understand office environments, which is then matched with behavioural science to work out how to best structure and use workspace.

He said that while Nura Space was originally designed to optimise Schiavello’s offices, it will now be available as a stand-alone solution to respond to a growing need from Australian businesses to help them return to the office.

Nura Space co-founder and director of client strategy and engagement, Keti Malkoski, said the pandemic highlighted the existing need for employers to rethink the relationship between office spaces, collaboration and wellbeing.

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