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Picture: Anton Schiavello (Founder) and Keti Malkoski (Co-founder).

Smart office sensors to optimise workspaces

Offices are being fitted out with workplace occupancy sensors to collect data that can be analysed to create more effective and comfortable office designs and help enforce social distancing.

Nura Space director of client strategy and engagement Keti Malkoski predicts smart buildings and data-driven design will become increasingly common.

“Nura Space allows businesses to understand which spaces are being utilised and when and understand movement in the workplace,” she says. “Before you come in, you can book a work point and get an understanding of who else is in the workplace to connect with the team.”

Malkoski says their Schiavello-backed system collects data on movement, temperature and acoustics so organisations know if an area is too loud or too cold or not complying with social distancing.

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