Dashboard Reporting

Workplace management made easy

The Nura Space dashboard provides workplace managers with a single location to view live statistics on key sensor measures, communication management activities and strategic reports. Quick links allow navigation to the most important tasks from setting-up user groups to generating comparative reports and streamlining communications.

imac with nura space dashboard reporting screen
nura space website dashboard live floorplan view

Relevant live views of key statistics

The live floorplan view provides real-time understanding of your workplace where desk sensors are installed. Select a specific space on any floor to view key statistics on bookings, utilisation, temperature and acoustics.

Analytics at your finger tips

Generated reports on data analytics can be used to inform workplace design decisions and change enablement programmes of work. Objective data collection from Nura Space sensors can assist in the delivery of evidence-based design principles and future workplace direction.

nura space dashboard analytics imac screen
Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

Enhance employee experience and drive workspace efficiency while evolving with the changing needs of your people and business.

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