About Nura Space

Nura Space is a Unified Working Platform (UWP) leveraging smart data analytics to drive optimised workspaces of the future. Nura Space provides users with a comprehensive understanding of their work environments through IoT smart sensors, advanced technology interfaces and data analytics based on behavioural science.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia by innovative and reputable workplace product specialists and leaders in change management and psychology principles.

Backed by the Schiavello Group, Nura Space is the only platform of its type to include a diverse and relevant team of young professionals leading product and business direction.

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The benefits

As a Unified Working Platform (UWP), Nura Space is able to support workpoint booking, internal notifications, personal wellbeing, workplace safety, and data and analytics.

The Nura Space dashboard, smart phone app, and sensors strive for simplicity and relevance in their function and appeal.

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Reshape your work environment

Reshape your work environment

Enhance employee experience and drive workspace efficiency while evolving with the changing needs of your people and business.

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